IET® For Pets Class: (Prerequisites: Basic Level IET)

This class was developed for people with pets as well as people without pets who love animals. Our objective in this class is to focus on cats, dogs and horses, and to teach how to offer a complete Basic Level IET session to these wonderful creatures. The cellular memory in animals is in some ways similar to that of human beings, but is in many ways different. This class explores the soul's mission of these three types of pets (through information channeled from Angel Ariel), details their nine cellular memory areas, their IET integration points, and the complete step-by-step session procedures.


1-Day Workshop Format:

  • When: By request (Wednesday)

  • Time: 9:00am -  6:00pm

  • Where: 3 Bonney Lane, Hampton, VA 23669

  • Price: $135

© 2015

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