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Mario's specialties:
I have no prices listed for my services because I'm taking some time this year to volunteer my techniques to military and first responders suffering with PTSD. Please contact me if you qualify. 

I learned a great deal from the 'Steps To Transformation' course and highly recommend it.  I came away with tools I can use daily to stay on a path toward fulfillment of my soul's purpose and not get bogged down by limiting beliefs or attitudes.  The best part of the course was the delight I felt being with the instructors and hearing their perspectives and guidance. These instructors are just the best. This course can change your perspective and your life."



D. T.

“Are you feeling a bit 'off' in certain aspects of your life? Do you ...have aches and pains that don't seem to make sense in your current life style? Do you sometimes have reactions to things or events that seem to come out of nowhere? Are you struggling with traumatic events that have happened in your life? Don't panic there is a reason and there is help. Dr Badly Nelson discovered that the energies of intense emotional events experienced during your life time(s), those you remember and those that you do not, get stuck in your physical body and can distort the normal energy flow, resulting in pain, disease, PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias and mental illnesses. To assist in the healing and releasing of these hidden, trapped emotions, he created “The Emotion Code” that helps release these blockages. This method uses kinesiology, or muscle testing to connect to the subconscious mind to find out where the blockages are and what emotions they are related to. If any of this resonates with you I am highly recommending that you book a session with Mario Grimes. Mario is Certified Hypnotist and Reconnective Healer at Help Heal Yourself . He and his wife Ruth are a powerful healing team that gently hold space for you to regain your own balance and perspective about your life and everything in it. They are empathetic, nonjudgmental and understanding. After my first session with them I found that my chronic pain level was much lower and I could, for the first time in many months, sleep without pharmaceutical aid. I am so sure that these wonderful people can help you that I give them a five star rating!"

C. Roberts

One day right before Thanksgiving, one of the busiest times in our little British shop, I woke up to some serious pain in my shoulder, I could barely lift my arm without grinding pain.Not a good place to be when we have orders arriving daily, which involves all kinds of lifting. That same day Ruth walked into the shop, she has been one of our favourite customers for as long as we have had the shop.I knew a little of her background in massage therapyin the past, so I was moaning to her about my plight. She went on to tell me about her venture into reconnection healing, she kindly offered to help me out. I have always believed in alternate healing, believing that the human body has the power to heal itself. I hate traditional doctors and try to aviod them if I can. I can't see how pumping your body full of chemicals can be a good thing. However, that day I was beginning to think 'pain relievers' and lots of them. Ruth sat me down and began her healing process, by the end of the day the pain had lessened considerably, by the next morning I was pain free and have remained so. I'm not a religeous person, I'd call myself agnostic if I had to wear a lable, but I do believe there are forces in nature and around us that with an open mind we can be sensitive to, and channel in a way that can heal."


Thank you Ruth

J. Taylor

Yesterday was a great workshop on 'Healing Angels of the Energy Field'. The class was fun and informative. I look forward to the next class and learning more from its wonderful instructor...Ruth Grimes."


Thanks Ruth, you're a great instructor.

D. Smith

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