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Hypnosis and Ultra-Height® Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is the by-pass of the Critical Factor of the Conscious Mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking. Simply put, it's "Focused Attention". Come with the mental attitude of "I like that suggestion. I know it's going to work for me!" Some common Positive Change Possibilities found through Hypnosis are; Anger Management, Self Confidence, Coping with Loss, Fears and Phobias, Grief, Habits and Disorders, Health, Pain Management, Performance Enhancement, Self-Hypnosis Meditation, Sleep Improvement/Disorders, Smoking Cessation, and Weight Loss/Gain.  "We can help you with that," and much more.

Ultra-Height® Hypnosis is an exciting new method of accessing the client’s ability to discover the cause of his problem and reveal to himself exactly what is necessary for the client to become free and for the client to accelerate the healing process.  Ultra-Height® Hypnosis involves first guiding the client as deep as possible into hypnosis.  Then the hypnotist guides and directs the body to continue to relax deeper, as he guides the client's mind to rise higher. The client's mind is directed to rise well above the level of higher self and higher consciousness into a newly discovered level labeled Ultra-Height®.  Although all the characteristics and abilities of this extremely high level of trance are still being discovered, there is no doubt that it is a new exciting level of high hypnosis that could lead to a major new therapeutic breakthrough and direction in our work!

Please watch our YouTube video, "Hypnosis Pre-Induction Interview" before your first Hypnosis appointment.

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